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We are passionate acoustic consultant and sound designers, offering end-to-end sound solutions along with a vibrant experience. Beyond technical skills and high quality sound production, our job is all about people, trust and fun.

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Michael Ebbo

I'm a passionate acoustic consultant & sound designer . I m co-founder at Studiofonic. 20 years of professional experiences in the word of sound. I m specialized in founding acoustic and design solutions for many music/videos studios, home cinema, hi-fi sound room, in Israel. Also, I work as a sound designer in video production for great brands such as Nike, Globus Max, Burger King, Bank Leumi and many more.

I'm senior sound engineer at Galatz/Galgalatz radio stations and lecturing in major sound schools in Israel such as Pluto studios.

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David Mimouni

With more than 20 years of experience, David started his career in many recording studios. He has taken part in radio creation and worked with music labels. He collaborated with French artists on big album projects featuring Snoop Dogg, Daz, Kurupt, LV, south central cartel and many of the biggest figures of the west coast rap scene. He continued his journey by teaching in professional schools and helping kids in acquiring studio experience and taking part in the industry. Today he is developing programs and applications for sound in a start-up and he is the co-founder of Studiofonic.

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